Cambridge Taxis 2001 Ltd 100 % Cambridge Owned & Operated Since 1920

Welcome to Cambridge Taxis

Cambridge has a taxi service that has operated in the town since 1920, and 95 years later are the only Authorized Taxi Operator that works in and from Cambridge or Leamington, we also service the surrounding rural districts as well.

With a fleet of 5 vehicles 4 x 4 passenger sedans and 1 x 6 passenger mini van, Cambridge Taxis is always there to meet the needs of its many happy and loyal customers.

Cambridge Taxis is totally committed to providing the highest level of service.

We pride ourselves on knowing our town, we will pick you up and deliver you safely to your destination.

Airport Transfers: our airport transfers operate 24 hours a day, please book before 9.00pm the night before for over night or early morning or at least 1 hour before pick up during the day. We transfer to Hamilton and transfer to Auckland, Rotorua or Tauranga.

Bus Transfers: we do these transfers during operating hours only, there maybe some exceptions so please call to find out.

ACC Transport:  as a Taxi Company we provide transport that is approved by ACC, if talking with your case manager let them know that we provide approved transport. They will contact us and provide us with a purchase order, you then contact us once they advise you.

Appointments:  if you have an appointment in Cambridge or out of town, we can get you there quickly and safely, please book at least 1 hour before pickup, we don't want to get you there late.

Weddings or Events:  with a number of event centres and wedding venues close to Cambridge we are able to provide transport to and from these venues. It is especially important to book taxis at least 2 hours prior to pick up as this a very busy time and we may need to get more taxis out on duty to ensure you all get there on time.