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Cambridge taxis 2001 ltd

100% Cambridge Owned & Operated

Cambridge Taxis is the only New Zealand Transport Agency Authorized Taxi Organization to operate from Cambridge and the surrouinding rural areaas, the company is locally owned by Bully Tipene and Owen Liddington.

While most smaller provincial towns have lost their taxi services, this has not happened in Cambridge because the owners are striving to ensure that the people of Cambridge will be looked after by people who know the town.

What makes us different to bigger companies like Hamilton Taxis is that we know our way around our town and the surrounding rural areas, that way you are sure you will get to where you want to be.­

Hours of Operation

Monday: 6am - 10pm | Tuesday: 6am - 10pm | Wednesday: 6am - Midnight

Thursday: 6am - 2am | Friday: 6am - 6am | Saturday: 6am - 6am | Sunday: 12pm - 10pm



24 Hour Airport Transfers­

Transfers to and from Hamilton or Auckland Airpor­t. Please book by 9pm the night before you need your Taxi.­

Bus Transfers

Transfers to and from the Intercity or Naked Bus during Operating Hours only.

Please book early.

ACC Approved Transport

­We  provide Transport that is approved by ACC. If your case manager approves transport, get them to call us.

Urgent Delivery

­If you have a urgent delivery that you require to get to another town or across town, then call us

Important Appointments

­Dr, Lawyer or other appointments, call us at least 90 minutes before you need us and we will be there.

Night Out

Having a night out, dont drink and drive, let us help you keep you licence and it costs less than you think.