We Operate 24 Hours per Day / 7 Days Per Week
Booking Line (07) 827 - 5999
10% Discount on Fares Over $10
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Airport Transfers

We are available 24/7 for your airport transfer to or from Hamilton, Auckland, Rotorua or Tauranga

ACC Approved Vendor

We are an ACC Approved vendor, we can transport you to and from destinations approved by your ACC Case Manager.

Wedding or Special Occassion

Whether you have a wedding or Special Occassion, we can get you there and back, no problem at all.

Breakdown & Emergency

We can be there to transport you back to Cambeidge or to your destination if your vehicle breaks down or you have an accident

Local Appointments & Shopping

You need to go local for shopping or appointments, we are experienced at knowing ensuring that your requirements are met.

Out of Town Travel

If you want to travel out of Cambridge to a different town or destination out of town, then call us. 

What makes us different ?

* We are owned and operated by Bully  & Ricky Tipene, both  grew up in and worked in Cambridge for many years.
* We  offer a 10% discount on all fares over $10 to all passengers that use us regularly.
* We know out town and we know our customers, sometimes we know where you live before you do.
* We have a team of 7 owner taxi operartors , 6 guys and 1 gal, we are a team and we look after each other.
* Cambridge is where we work, we dont need to push in to other towns as we believe we can only give the best service to one town.

(Discliamer: Cambridge Taxis 2001 Ltd in not in any way affilitaed to MFT Te Awamutu Taxis, MFT Cambridgr Taxis, Cambridge Cabs or Hamilton Taxis, nor do we sub contract work to any of the mentioned taxi companies)

We have had many complaints about unsrcupulous out of town taxi drivers charging over the top fares to get you home or to another destination,  please let us know, call or text the operations manager on (022) 0100-216 direct or use our contact form to file the complaint, please give us the driver name, the taxi driver unique id, the make and rgistration of the vehivle  and description of the driver and the nature of your complaint, we can check our GPS records to see whether one of our drivers picked you up. We will  reply to your complaint within 24 hours.
If your complaint is of a serious nature, then call the NZ Police immediately.

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