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Services We Offer

Other Services

We do offer pick ups from the bus stop at isite during our Operating Hours, however after hours pickups maybe booked, (SPECIAL CONDTIONS APPLY)



We can take you direct to the Hobbiton Film Set at Bucklands Road from Cambridge,  a van load of 6 passengers will cos $20.00 per person one way or $40 per person return to Cambridge (Entry to Hobbiton is not included)

A single person or up to 4 passngers will pay a metered fare on Taxi Car or Van.


Cambridge Taxis 2001 Ltd has been under new ownership since October 2017 by members of the Tipene Family,  who have been in the Cambridge Community for over 60 years and we are working hard to offer Cambridge a Taxi Service that Cambridge can be proud of, Cambridge can  say that the town that staill has its own local service while many other rural towns either have no taxi service or the local service has been driven out by larger companies.


What Makes Us Different ?

Cambridge Taxis 2001 Ltd is unique in that fact that our team of independent contractors are chosen because of their knowledge of the NZ Taxi industry and becaquse they have a pretty good handle on the local area.

We have also introduced TAXI CALLER, which allows you to book direct  from your SMART PHONE or TABLET.


THE TAXI CALLER PASSENGER APP is found in the Google Playstore or Apple Store, you will also find a booking page here to book direct with us.


Airport Transferrs

We do tranferrs to and from Hamilton Airport at anytime of the day as required.

All that we ask is that you book at least the night before if on an early morning flight or at least 90 minutes at any other time of the day.

Book Early to ensure on time arrival as we take no responsibility if you miss your flight because to did not give us enough time to get you there.

Hours of Operation


Monday: 6am - Midnight

Tuesday: 6am - Midnight

Wednesday: 6am - 1am Thursday

Thursday: 6am - 1am Friday

Friday: 6am - 6am Saturday

Saturday: 6am - 6am Sunday

Sunday: 10am - 10pm


If you have a special event or wedding and need Taxis  after hours, call us up to 48 hours before and we will ensure your guests get to where they need to safely.


* Taxis required outside these hours must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance .

* Conditions Apply

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Weddings & Special Events

Need to get to a wedding or special event, we are knowledgeable about where all the local wedding and event venues are.

To ensure you arrive on time, please pre-book your taxi at least 24 hours before you need it, this will ensure that we have the right vehciles to meet your needs.

Have a pleasant day


Shopping or Appointments

We are also adept at getting our local passengers to town for shopping or appointments.

If you have an appointment ? please book your taxi as early as possible, this will ensure that you make that very important appointment on time.

We do make every effort to get you to appointments on time, however do expereince delays beyound our control from time to time.

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ACC Aproved Transport Provider

Cambridge Taxis 2001 Ltd are approved by ACC to transport ACC Clients to and from work, appointments at specialists, physio, Gp appointments, ACC appointments.

You will be sent instructions or advised  by your case manger about how to organise a taxi with us.

ACC will also email us instructions about what we need to do as well.


The fare will be charged form the Cambridge Town Boundary unitl the completion of hire where booking is made for a Taxi to pick up a passenger or passengers from outside the Cambridge Town Boundary and where the Taxi is not coming back to Cambridge or travel through the Cambridge Twon Boundary.

The Red Barn  to Lake Karapiro Lodge on State High Way 1, Red Barn to the Oar and Paddle etc are classed as Country Running.